Year 7 :  Chords

Lesson 2



(a)  To learn the concept of triad
(b)  To plan a composition based on the triad of F

Notes for guidance

Recommended software
To hear the MIDI files, a plug-in is required to hear them.  The standard Windows media player is barely adequate.  A preferred MIDI player is the crescendo plug-in.

ICT opportunities
The pupil could play the chord of F into a scorewriter and manipulate the notes to create different effects.

Pitched percussion instruments such as keyboards and glockenspiels. For the composing assignment, other instruments such as unpitched percussion could be used.

Teacher notes
This is a very flexible project and could be tackled with individuals, pairs of pupils or large groups of pupils.  When using keyboards, the features of the particular keyboards could be used effectively, such as rhythms (styles), fill in and tempo change.