Year 7 : Chords

Lesson 1

In this series of lessons, you will be learning about CHORDS.  This really means playing more than one note at a time.

Listen to these two chords and describe each one briefly.

Chord No. 1
Chord No. 2

Depending on what notes you choose for a chord can affect the quality of it.  Chords can be dramatic, peaceful, sad, tense and mysterious.

In this lesson, we are going to look at two note chords.  To play a simple 2 note chord, choose a white note on your keyboard or tuned percussion instrument.  Now play the 2nd white note to the right.  When you play them together, you have a 2 note chord.

Here is an example.

The notes are C and E (you read from the bottom upwards).  Now try playing these chords with 4 beats between each one.

Now, try to make up a piece of music, using ONLY these chords.  You can change the rhythm of them and play them more than once each.  If there are two of you, you can plan out the piece between you.  If you are doing this in a larger group, make sure everybody has something to do.

Here are some ideas.

Try playing the chords with the notes split up, like this

Play the chords in different octaves, like this


Plan your music carefully and write it down in some way.  Finally, play it to the class or to your parents/teacher