Year 7 : Pitch

Lesson 6

Activity 1
Here is a simple old English folk tune which uses different pitches. Click on the button to hear the tune.  The tune is played four times.


Learn to sing this song.  Listen to it as many times as you like to help you remember it.

Once you have learnt it, click on the button below which will give you a backing track to sing along to.

Activity 2
This song can be sung as a round (sometimes called a canon)
Try it in a group.  Two of you start singing.  Another two start when you have reached the end of bar 2.

Click on the button to hear the two parts.

If you can manage this easily, you can try it in 3, 4, 5 or 6 parts

Activity 3 - Questions

1.  How many different pitches does the tune have?
2.  Which is the highest note?
3.  Which is the lowest note?
4.  The song sounds unfinished.  Which note do you think would make it sound finished?
5.  What is the similarity between bar 1 and bar 6?

Click here to see the answers