Year 7 : Pitch

Lesson 5

Activity 1 - Getting used to playing octaves

Playing an octave higher means playing up 8 notes.
The first 3 notes in this example are in a low octave.  The next 3 notes are in the next octave up.

Make up a short pattern of notes, like the one above, and play the pattern in different octaves.

Activity 2 - Group work

In a group, you are going to perform a piece of music called 'clock music'.
You can choose any of the patterns of notes below or make up your own if you like.
All the patterns use different octaves.
You decide how the music is to start and how it is to finish.

Information box

Vivaldi wrote a piece called 'Gloria'.  In this piece, he uses octaves throughout.
Click on the picture of Vivaldi to hear the music.  Some of the bass part is printed below.  Try to follow the music as it is playing.  Notice the octaves that the bass is playing.