Year 7 : Pitch

Lesson 4

Activity 1 - Playing Sequences

A sequence is a pattern of notes which is repeated and goes up or down in pitch each time it is repeated.

Listen to these sequences by clicking on the button.  Follow the music as you listen to them.

Sequence No. 1

Sequence No. 2

Now try playing these sequences at your instrument.  Try singing them as well.

Activity 2 - Completing sequences

Here are the beginnings of some sequences.
(a) Write out the sequence for another 3 bars.
(b) Play the sequence you have written.

No. 1

No. 2

No. 3

No. 4

No. 5

Activity 3 - Composing a sequence

Try to make up your own sequence.  Sequences can go down (descend) as well as go up (ascend).  Compose it first then try to write it down if you can.

Information box

Beethoven was a composer in the classical period.  Classical composers often used sequences in their music.  Listen to Beethoven's symphony No. 1 and notice how many sequences there are in the music.
Click on Beethoven's picture to hear the music.

Ludwig van Beethoven