Year 7 :  Pitch

Lesson 1


National Curriculum: Programmes of Study

1a 1b (if IT option is used)


(a) To explain the principle of pitch and its relation to vibration (cross-curricular with Science)

(b) To understand the basics of staff notation on the treble clef.

(c) To understand the layout of the keyboard on pitched instruments

(d) To help to develop relative pitch awareness

Notes for guidance

Recommended software
To hear the MIDI files, a plug-in is required to hear them.  The standard Windows media player is barely adequate.  A preferred MIDI player is the crescendo plug-in.

ICT opportunities
Using a scorewriter program, pupils could write their own tests of pitch awareness and test each other.  Working in pairs, one pupil could write three or four notes on the staff.  S/he then plays the music to another pupil who must draw a pitch graph of the shape of the notes in the same way as activity 3.

Pitched percussion instruments such as keyboards and glockenspiels.