Year 7: Rhythm and Beat

Lesson 5

In this lesson you will have the chance of putting together everything you have learnt in the past four lessons in this unit.  So far we have been playing rhythms which are up to four bars long.  Now we will make the rhythms longer.

Activity 1

There should be 4 beats in each bar.  Fill in the missing notes to make up 4 beats, then try playing them.


Activity 2

With a partner, one of you play the top part and the other the bottom part of this 8 bar piece of rhythm.  The low part starts at bar 2, so you have to count 4 beats before you start playing.

Play it nice and slowly.  If you are finding it hard, practise it 4 bars at a time.  When you can play the 4 bars, try the last 4 bars.  Finally, put it all together.

Try to choose two instruments that sound different to each other.

The bottom part is linked to the top part in some way.  Can you work out how?
Click here for the answer.

Activity 3

Now try making your own 8 bar piece with a partner.


The canon was very popular in the Baroque period in music.  This was music written between 1600 and 1740.  Telemann was a German composer in the Baroque period.  Click the button to hear a Canon written for two guitars.

Georg Philip Telemann